Peachblossoms school shall endeavour to maximize the potential of every child through an active partnership between children, teacher, parents and trustees.

The school aims to achieve this by providing a positive, secure, and caring enviroment where individual differences acknowledged and appreciated, bu mutual respect, understanding and effective communication between home and school.


The school is dedicated to enabling students to think critically and creatively by establishing a strong foundaion in academics, the humanities and spiritual education.

Core Values


We understand the quest of truth as the foundation of all learning. This principle inspires a spirit of independent thought, open mindedness, and academic challenge in our school.


We acknowledge individual human growth and development as lifelong processes. Our school honors and nurtures the growth in each student and teacher.

Honesty and Respect

Honesty and open communication are the foundation in our school environment relationships. We respect, support, and value each member of our school family. Our school strives to be a force for good will within its walls, in the community and our nation.


As we firmly believe that children need to be able to respond confidently to the changes or uncertainties they may face in their lives. We also know that resilient children are happier children. Through developing self- management skills, promoting a strong tradition and culture in school, and broadening knowledge as part of our varied curriculum, we can ensure that our students are able to overcome any adversity.