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Discipline Basics

Often parents wonder how they can create an environment in their homes and in their relationships with their children that will nurture their children’s ability to meet the challenges they will confront as they grow and move out into the world. T

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Be Careful of the Singapore Flu (Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease) on Your Little One

Singapore Flu is an infectious infection caused by a virus. Generally, this disease attacks the Little Ones who are under 10 years old, although it is also possible for adults to suffer from it. Singapore Flu is also known as hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD), generally caused by a group of vir

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The new coronavirus: What we do — and don’t — know

A rapidly evolving health story broke in late December when a novel illness originating in Wuhan, China made the news. Reports of the number of infected people swiftly rose, and isolated cases of this new coronavirus — dubbed 2019-nCoV by scientists — have appeared in several countrie

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Bunda, Inilah Alasan Junk Food Kurang Baik untuk Kesehatan Anak

Makanan cepat saji kadang menjadi jalan pintas bagi Bunda saat tidak punya banyak waktu menyiapkan makanan anak. Makanan ini dapat dipesan kapan saja, cepat penyajiannya, dan yang pasti disukai anak. Namun, makanan junk food tidak baik untuk kesehatan anak. Banyak bahan- bahan

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Keeping children away from the bad effects of gadget overuse

Excessive use of gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, and computer desktops can cause physical and mental damage to children. According to a study, a child will likely to become overweight and develop seizure and vision problems when they spend too much time using

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